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Demmitias the splicer

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Demmitias the splicer

Post by Nyx on Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:24 pm

Name: Demmitias
age: 15
weapons: Pistol and knives
physical description: fairly tall and fit. His clothing are bloodied and gross.His hair is light brown and his eyes are a dark icey blue. He is almost always in a state of smile.
plasmids and genetonics: electrical storm, electric flesh, armoured shell-1, insect swarm-3
personality: Extemely humorously morbid, Loves to talk and is happy go lucky until he gets angry.
background: Came down to Rapture as a kid where his parents spent there days working for money, until adam came along adn they started working with it. Against thier protests he tried some out. He tried to hide it from him, but one day after gettign the electrical storm gene-tonic his father hit him when he found adam in his room. The resulting electrical storm blast killed both his parents and burned his house down. Demmitias vowed to do what was right from then on.
extra info: fights to maintain Sanity every day, The adam eats away at his mental self but he some how hold together.

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