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Susan the Big Sister

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Susan the Big Sister

Post by Nyx on Thu May 05, 2011 11:38 pm

This is semi done, just fill in as much as you can (in a new topic under character creation)



size and description:

6' 4"


Suits needles, and mostly Melee.

plasmids and genetonics:

winter blast Lv-1, decoy Lv-3, Drain


SusWhen she was an was brought to rapture when she was young, around the age of 4. She was accepted into the area as her family was quite rich. 13 her mother died quickly followed by her father, she was juggled between foster homes before she was sent into scientific experiments. Tennanbalm had used her as one of the first experimental little sisters. After her time as one when she grew up it had taken a toll. She had many delusions about what reality was and troubles with the point of life, thinking it would help she got one of the first big sister suits.

extra info:

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