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The Rules of the forum

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The Rules of the forum

Post by Nyx on Thu Apr 07, 2011 9:06 pm

1. When making a topic specify if It is private, as well as saying whether mature content will be included.
2. No spam
3. No put downs or foul language TOWARDS OTHERS (Rping is fine as long as your feelow members agree).
4. No god modding -PERIOD-
5. maximum two characters per category
6. Any wrong use of this forum or rule breaking may but is not limited too a week long banning.
7. Minimum 4 sentance posts
8. Any warnings are permanent unless otherwise specified.
- a warning mark will be taken for breaking a minor rule, or posting unneccisarilly.
-Larger marks, including instant bannings, on the bar will be given as decided without any notifictation to the user.

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