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plasmid types

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plasmid types

Post by Nyx on Sun Apr 10, 2011 3:51 pm

(upgrades for plasmids cost 5 points and apply as so)

Don't forget to check the plasmid creation area for some nice custom plasmids, or you could make your own.

Electro Bolt

Level 1 Fire lightning from your hand. Shoot water to cause it to become electrified, killing enemies standing in it.

Level 2 Charge up a lightning attack and release it. Lightning will arc to multiple enemies.

Level 3 Charge up to fire an extended beam of lightning. Also, every non-charged shot will cause lightning to arc between enemies.


Level 1 Pick up objects and dead enemies and use them as projectiles.

Level 2 Pick up heavier objects and do more damage with thrown projectiles.

Level 3 Pick up all moveable objects as well as living creatures (!) like splicers.

Security Command

Level 1 Throw a ball of energy which will cause security cameras, turrets and bots to attack anything targeted.

Level 2 Charge up to summon up to two friendly security bots.

Level 3 Charge up to summon boosted security bots.


Level 1 Throw a ball of fire, igniting a single targeted enemy.

Level 2 Charge up a fire attack and release it. A fire bomb will be unleashed, igniting multiple enemies at once.

Level 3 Charge up for a flamethrower attack. Also, every non-charged shot will be an area-effecting fire bomb.


Level 1 Become an invisible scout who can move throughout the world without threat of attack. You can fire plasmids, but you’ll have to return to your physical body (which remains in place) to progress.

Winter Blast

Level 1 Throw a ball of ice, freezing foes for a brief period.

Level 2 Charge up and attack to freeze a foe in a solid block of ice. They remain frozen for longer and can be used as a telekenisis projectile.

Level 3 Charge up for a beam of ice attack. Also, single shots cause enemies to become a solid block of ice.

Insect Swarm

Level 1 Send a swarm of bugs and home in on an enemy, causing damage.

Level 2 A single swarm can now attack multiple enemies.

Level 3 Enemies killed by swarms will become proximity swarm bombs. Enemies that walk over the hive corpse will be attacked by the swarm.


Level 1 Create a decoy of yourself, distracting enemies.

Level 2 Decoy will reflect damage back at enemies.

Level 3 Decoy will reflect damage and heal the player as it takes damage from enemies.


1 Grow skin

2 Grow clothes

3 Rapidly switch between body shapes, Claws, teeth ect ect.

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