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gene tonics

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gene tonics

Post by Nyx on Sun Apr 10, 2011 3:51 pm

Sports Boost Move faster

Armored Shell Reduces physical damage taken.
-Armored Shell 2 Further reduces physical damage taken.(5 point upgrade)

Natural Camouflage Become invisible when standing still for a few seconds.

Elemental Storm Emit a random burst of fire, ice or electricity when hit with a melee attack.

Fire Storm Emit a burst of fire when hit with melee attack.

Electrical Storm Emit a burst of electricity when hit by melee.

Electric Flesh Take no electricity damage and deal more electricity damage to enemies.

Walking Inferno Take less damage from fire, inflict more fire damage on enemies.

Ice Storm Emit burst of ice when hit with melee attack.

(big daddy only gene-tonics)

Drill Power Drill does more damage.
-Drill Power 2 Drill does even more damage. (5 point upgrade)

(little sister only gene-tonics)

Adam reader Any adam you take from bodies (dead or alive) will allow you to see the memories of that person.

(big sister only genetonics)

Drain Big sisters can attach there needle to dead bodies to gain life.

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