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May,27,2011 Friday

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May,27,2011 Friday

Post by Nyx on Fri May 27, 2011 10:41 am

Quick Review - Rating - Good
in a one paragraph form of your forum and it's content.

"I think I'll start off with your background. I like how it is big, and fits across the whole forum and is also fixed to the page, this means it doesnt scroll with the page and repeat over and over. What I dont like about it is that it is really dark. I get how many of your forums use dark themes to go along with the theme of the game, however having dark forums make things harder to see and read, and give you lesser choice of colors to use in comparison with your forum, taking for an example the red text at the top of the forum for 'forum, topics, posts'. Red on black is hard to read, and as it is a small amount it gets away with it a little bit, you need to pick colors that flow together, and I have a website you can use for that. It is: It will show you colors that work together. Moving on, at the top of your forum there is no need for the text saying "Once you enter Rapture, its evolve or die." because it already states this in your main forum logo. Also, your navigation bar needs tweaking, because the 'enter rapture' image is further down than the rest of the navigation bar. The group color topsiders also needs changging as it is too light.

There are alot of things that you can do to improve your forum, having a dark theme can get boring and I'd suggest switching things up once in a while. Good luck with your forum and I hope that you request another review soon!"

Ok everyone this is our Review.

Sincerly your awesome admin Beta

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