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Reality shift RPG

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Reality shift RPG

Post by Nyx on Sun May 29, 2011 5:27 pm


Modern Fantasy {Accepts Nearly ANY Race}
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One Character Per Account

All we knew was that something, or someone, was chasing us. We were hearing voices inside our heads, seeing things that no one else saw. We felt as though we were breaking, falling through reality’s barrier. Everything we thought we knew came crashing down around us.

But we weren’t falling through the barrier. They were.

They pushed against the boundaries between worlds, every now and then able to influence a bit of this earth in small, subtle ways. Then, they finally broke through. One came, and more followed through the hole he had created, and slowly, this world—our world—was gaining a new population. The government had no way of knowing that these new people were planning something, but they did aim to try and take control of things, secretly.

Some of them came to us.

Part of us wanted to ignore them, to say we were all just imagining things. But the other part, and in fact a very large part, desired more than anything else to believe it was real, to take the chance of partaking in an adventure that, whether real or not, might never be offered to us again.

So. We took it. We took that chance, and since then, our lives have changed drastically.

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