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lilly Green

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lilly Green

Post by lily on Sun Jan 08, 2012 9:05 pm

Name:Lilly Green

eye colour: Green

hair colour: deep red

height: 5'9


weapons:5" blade kept at her side, small hand gun kept in the back of her skirt.

physical description: good muscle build, curvy hour glass body and nice long legs. usually wears a short skirt and a v-neck tank top.

plasmids and genetonics (40 points for a plasmid, 20 for genetonic, you have 80 points):Natural Camouflage Become invisible when standing still for a few seconds,Fire Storm Emit a burst of fire when hit with melee attack,1 Grow skin

background: lilly was born in the city but shorty after she was kidnapped from her parents. the people had kidnapped her had kept her and passed her off for there own. Lilly had found a picture of herself on a building. She had run away and found her real parents. the kidnappers had found this out and put a bounty on there heads forcing lilly's parents to go into hidding.

extra info:none

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